Setting up a fish and chip shop? What’s in the Name of a Fish and Chip Shop…? The importance of Branding! On My Cod! Frying Nemo New Cod on the Block The Codfather Chip-In-Dales The Frying Squad The Batter of Bosworth Contented Sole So, what’s in a name? Will your cod and mushy peas taste […]

First day as fish and chip shop owners Your first day as fish and chip shop owners should be one to remember! You are excited and nervous all at the same time. The adrenaline makes you slightly hyper active, resulting is rushing around from job to job. Many companies do not celebrate the opening of […]

Retain Customers and Build Loyalty for your Fish and Chip Shop Before we recently moved our offices to High Wycombe , I used to go into a couple of local shops to buy lunch. Although neither were fish and chip shops, the principle remains the same when it comes to how to retain customers and […]

Providing the Best Fish and Chip Shop Customer Service  Providing the best fish and chip shop customer service can be a way of differentiating yourself from the competition. You have an amazing location, a fantastic brand, and by far the best fryer in town. But why does that customer that pops in every Thursday evening […]

The Best Supplier of Chip Shop Equipment This is one of the most important initial decisions you will make when setting up. Here are some more key factors to consider….

Advice for setting up a fish and chip shop- Part 2 Buying chip shop equipment and choosing a chip shop supplier There are numerous suppliers in the UK that sell and install the fryers and other equipment needed for fish and chip shops. Always look to get a couple of quotes and ask for references. […]

Setting up a chip shop or looking to buy an existing business? In this article, we will focus just on buying into an existing fish and chip shop. Location, location, location. You have probably heard that expression before. It is the most important part to setting up a fish and chip shop.

Finance for fish and chip shops Looking to fund your new start fish and chip shop?  We provide finance for fish and chip shops around the UK If you are planning to open a new chip shop, there will already be quite a few things on your mind. Clearly, the key part to this process […]

How to start a fish & chip shop

Setting up a fish and chip shop or looking to buy an existing business, if this is on your mind, read on…

For someone who has never owned a business before, setting up a new restaurant or buying into an existing fish and chip shop can be a daunting concept. It may be that you have worked in a fish and chip shop, have seen and smelt the feeling of success and want to go it alone. Maybe, you have visited a chippy over the years and learnt that the owners are looking to retire and are thinking this is your calling. Hopefully, we can help out with some advice. Read more