UK Fish and Chip Shops

No one knows exactly how many fish and chip shops are in the UK. The National Federation of Fish Friers believes there to be about 10,500 in the UK at the moment.

Fish and Chip Shop Equipment Finance

It is believed the first UK fish and chip shop started in business in 1860 in Tommyfield Market. Fifty years later in 1910, there were circa 25,000 fish and chip shops in the UK. By the 1920’s, this had increased to 35,000 outlets. It is clear to say, the “chippy” is a major part of life in the UK!

Even though, competition form other fast food restaurants have seen our numbers dwindle to over 10,000, fish and chip shops still consume 30% of white fish sales in the UK and 10% of all potatoes.

Today, we are fighting back with many fish and chip shops selling other food and beverage products, launching restaurants and putting more focus into marketing and branding.

Funding is always a key element to the growth and survival of fish fryers. With rent and rates increasing, adding to the additional pressure of a significant increase in fast food competition, may fish and chip shops will lease or finance the equipment they need to ensure they have a modern and efficient operation.

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