Providing the best possible fish and chip shop customer service!  We have previously covered the topics of training and recruitment. Now let’s delve deeper into customer service and how you can start providing the best fish and chip shop customer service for your customers.

The Best Supplier of Chip Shop Equipment This is one of the most important initial decisions you will make when setting up. Here are some more key factors to consider….

Advice for setting up a fish and chip shop- Part 2 Buying chip shop equipment and choosing a chip shop supplier There are numerous suppliers in the UK that sell and install the fryers and other equipment needed for fish and chip shops. Always look to get a couple of quotes and ask for references. […]

Setting up a chip shop or looking to buy an existing business? In this article, we will focus just on buying into an existing fish and chip shop. Location, location, location. You have probably heard that expression before. It is the most important part to setting up a fish and chip shop.

Finance for fish and chip shops Looking to fund your new start fish and chip shop?  We provide finance for fish and chip shops around the UK If you are planning to open a new chip shop, there will already be quite a few things on your mind. Clearly, the key part to this process […]