Fish and Chip Shops in the UK Why not train your staff up on the history of fish and chip shops in the UK, your customer services team can tell your clients how well they know the market. It’s that little bit extra knowledge that shows to your customers how much you love the fish […]

How does leasing work for a fish and chip shop? Leasing is used all the time by fish and chip shops as a way of paying for the range of assets needed to run the shop. In addition, there are often other things you might be looking at to improve your business that you can […]

Providing the best possible fish and chip shop customer service!  We have previously covered the topics of training and recruitment. Now let’s delve deeper into customer service and how you can start providing the best fish and chip shop customer service for your customers.

Providing the Best Fish and Chip Shop Customer Service  Providing the best fish and chip shop customer service can be a way of differentiating yourself from the competition. You have an amazing location, a fantastic brand, and by far the best fryer in town. But why does that customer that pops in every Thursday evening […]

Setting up a chip shop or looking to buy an existing business? In this article, we will focus just on buying into an existing fish and chip shop. Location, location, location. You have probably heard that expression before. It is the most important part to setting up a fish and chip shop.